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Offering excellent quality and service to all my clients is my absolute priority!

Therefor I only choose a few bookings a week which have my most interest, and are a great match, to give my best possible service.

My DJ service can be booked for Day & Night locations and occasions.

I absolutely LOVE DJ'ing for fashion events/shows/boutiques, interesting or luxury brands in all fields, and special or beautiful locations, 

launch events, business events, private events, weddings and quality restaurants/bars/hotels,

I DJ for big international companies/events as well for small local companies/events.

I’m based in Amsterdam, and I can also be booked abroad.


I love the variety in music,and having a broad music view, so I love playing for a wide varied audience,

as well for a more specific exclusive audience.

The styles I play mostly are Nu-Disco, House, Lounge, Classic House, Disco-House, Deep House, Deep Lounge,

Disco & House Remixes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 10's and on request the best Disco/Pop/R&B/House hits of the 80's/90's/00's/10's.

We will communicate clearly in advance what your musical wishes are and which music suits with your event.


One of my specialities is DJ'ing entertaining stylish Lounge/Disco/House with an entertaining positive uplifting vibe,

including recognisable remixes, which are very suited for a wide varied audience with various ages

(or if you wish for a more specific audience).

This music has a high quality warm modern sound.

You can listen to music examples at this page of my website:

It is also one of my specialities  to DJ music for events where guests need to be able to communicate well,

I will select music with an open sound, what gives room/space for people to talk.


You can feel very free to ask for the possibilities and to discuss your wishes.

I only accept booking requests that suit me and that are a match music wise.

I’ll be at your service to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact me to find out if we both think your event and I are the right match!


If you require this, for most events' I'll be able to bring my basic DJ controller: Pioneer XDJ-XZ

My lightweight basic speakers are only suited for small events, like small shops.

Now, early 2024, I'm in the process of selecting a few reliable speaker providers, which my clients can contact directly, and arrange everything with.

If you book me including my DJ controller (Pioneer XDJ-XZ) I will always ask from you to arrange a table or DJ booth to place my equipment on.


So far I've never needed to cancel a booking because of illness.

If in the extremely rare case I would really need to cancel an event,

I will do my very best to find a suited DJ to replace me.

I have a network around me with DJs who expressed being interested to DJ for me.



If I don't need to bring my own equipment to your event then these are my requirements:


2 x (or 3 x) Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 (or Pioneer CDJ-3000)


1x Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer (or Pioneer DJM-A9)

(If other Pioneer DJ Equipment is at the location, then that might be in some occasions an option too)

* Please be aware that previous version of the Pioneer DJ Equipment, with almost the same name like:

 Pioneer CDJ-2000NEXUS is NOT approved by me, unless I have clearly agreed.

All equipment must be professionally connected and fully functional. (CDJ's must be LINKED)


(This is only an option for small events. I can only agree on this after clear communication and my approval.)

Pioneer XDJ-XZ




Good/reasonable main speakers.


Booth monitor speakers are for mosts events are required, except for very small events.


DJ booth/table must be between 0.9 meter and 1.1 meter high and at least 1.0 meter wide, and at least 0,5 meter deep 

(unless agreed otherwise before the booking is accepted),

These are standaard sizes, so this should be possible in most cases.

If I made clear I need  the DJ equipment; 3 x Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 (or Pioneer CDJ-3000),

then a more wide DJ Booth is needed, to make sure it all fits.



All equipment must be professionally connected and fully functional.

I require a safe environment in every possible way, for myself, everyone, and my equipment .

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