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Ivy Vandervorst _

Pandora Garden Collection Launch Event, for hundreds of guests,

 international European Press, International European Bloggers/Influencers

in a very packed and cosy ‘garden’.

DJ'ing in this fairytale setting for almost 6 hours! 
Amsterdam, March 2019.

Ivy Vandervort _ NA-KD_edited.jpg Fashion, Anna Nooshin Collection Launch Event

for Press, Influencers and Customers

Amsterdam, December 2018.

The Hoxton Hotel, where I'm a resident DJ, since 2019.
Amsterdam, February 2022.
Club NL, one of the most famous and notious clubs.
Amsterdam, March 2022
A'DAM Tower, Madam Dinner Club,
Amsterdam, August 2022

The Hoxton Hotel, Lobby Party, Amsterdam 2022

A'DAM Tower, Madam/Lookout, Amsterdam 2022
On my instagram page, you can see more pictures and video's:
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