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H&M x Mugler DJ Music Concept 

I have not received any information about what kind of H&M event it would be,

but i guess it could be a launch event for the Mugler collaboration.


Mugler’s style is artistic, futuristic and also retro, strong, dramatic, and a touch of darkness. 

I didn’t go too extreme in my music choice, because I haven’t received any information about the required music atmosphere. Though I guess that the event is not a strong fashion show/statement, but more like a cosy launch presentation.


This playlist could also be used as a reference to start communicate which 'MUGLER' music is wished for, and isn’t wished for, because the playlist might be too strong or too soft, too dark or too bright etc, according to H&M’s exact wishes.

(On my website you could also listen to other playlist, with other styles)

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