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The below video's are links from Youtube.
Youtube's quality is unfortunately always very low, so therefore I would like to advise you
to visit my Instagram account, to watch my video's in better qualities.

Ivy Vandervorst - Patrizia Pepe Store 2023 (4:5 3MB).jpg
Patrizia Pepe Store, Leidsestraat 16, Amsterdam. 2023
Ivy Vandervorst - Promo 2023 - Pink Beach (Square Version) (@suaturayphotography) 2MB.jpg

Pink Beach by WONDR Experience, Amsterdam, Openings Weekend 2023 

Ivy Vandervorst _

As a DJ, I love creating magical experiences that bring my audience to another world.

That's why I was thrilled to DJ for the Pandora Garden Collection Launch Event in Amsterdam, creating the perfect musical vibe for guests to enjoy as they explored the gorgeous, fairy tale garden setting. Playing for almost 6 hours to an international crowd of European Press, Bloggers, and Influencers was an unforgettable experience,

Amsterdam 2019

H&M x Mugler, pre-shopping event for press and influencers,
H&M flagship store, Amsterdam, Kalverstraat, 1o juni 2023.

A'DAM Tower, Madam Dinner Club,
Amsterdam, August 2022
Ivy Vandervort _ NA-KD_edited.jpg Fashion X Anna Nooshin Collection Launch Event

for Press, Influencers and Customers

Amsterdam, December 2018.

Club NL, one of the most famous and notorious clubs in Amsterdam
Amsterdam, March 2022
Nela - Opening Party 2022 - DJ Ivy Vandervorst 2MB.jpg
NELA Restaurant, Opening Event.
Amsterdam, The Valley, September 2022.
A'DAM Tower, Madam/Lookout, Amsterdam 2022

The Hoxton Hotel, Lobby Party, Amsterdam 2022

On my instagram page, you can see more pictures and video's:
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