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In the City Center of Amsterdam I offer the following 'starting' DJ prices for events

(without DJ Equipment, without speakers, inclusive travel/parking costs) :

2 hours € 450,- excl 9% VAT
3 hours € 550,- excl 9% VAT
4 hours € 650,- excl. 9% VAT
5 hours € 750,- excl. 9% VAT

For companies who would like me to DJ regularly I can offer discount prices.

For events that require more preparation time, extra attention, more or specific communication, song requests in advance,

like weddings, special theme events, or parties with a large audience, other prices apply.​


The communication for weddings requires much time.

In the City Center of Amsterdam I offer the following prices for weddings,

(without DJ Equipment, without speakers, inclusive travel/parking costs)

including maximum 5 song requests (communicated with me in advance)

for every hour that you book me:

2 hours € 750,- excl 9% VAT

3 hours € 900,- excl 9% VAT

4 hours € 1050,- excl 9% VAT

5 hours € 1200,- excl 9% VAT

With this package you can also submit an additional inspiration playlist which I can use as a guideline.

If you'd like to hear more song request, then I could make a quote for this.

Outside the City Center of Amsterdam, and on special days like New Years Evening and Christmas other prices do apply.​


If the event takes place outside the City Centre of Amsterdam I charge travel costs, which include:

car, fuel, parking costs, my time to travel, and my time to arrive at the locations much time in advance.

I will be travelling to your event very much on time, to minimise the risk of arriving too late incase of traffic jams,

The travel costs, calculated from Amsterdam Central Station, will mostly be calculated in this way :

If the riding distance to the location is 50km, I will be travelling 100km in total, and I will charge 150,- excl 9% VAT

If the riding distance to the location is 100km, I will be travelling 200km in total, and I will charge 300,- excl 9% VAT


The price for bringing and installing my own Pioneer DJ Equipment (XDJ-XZ) is mostly:

125,- excl 9% VAT

The price for only bringing and installing my own Basis speakers is mostly.

200,- excl 9% VAT

These Basic Speakers are 'light weight' speakers and only suited for small events like small shops.

The price for bringing installing both my Pioneer DJ Equipment (XDJ-XZ) and my Basic Speakers is mostly:

250,- exclusive 9% VAT


Since June 2023 I stopped with offering my service to arrange more powerful speakers and additionial services,

because this often required too much of my time.

Mostly it required really a lot of communication with the speaker provider, with the location and with the client.

Therefore it became more (price) efficient for clients to arrange speakers themself.

Though I'm in the process of selecting few reliable speaker providers, which my clients can contact directly, and arrange everything with.

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