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Here below you can listen to 3 playlist examples.


The first playlist is an example of entertaining (background) music,

with nice Disco Vibes (Lounge & House) and contains many recognizable remixes,  

 which I play for various kind of events and locations.

You can easily scroll through all the tracks, (If a Spotify pop-up shows up, you can click on the 'X' to close it)

Are you looking for another music style?

Like Lounge, House, Deep, Classic House, Underground, Tech, Pop/80's/90's/Disco/R&B, or a Special Theme?

I would love to communicate about what music/vibe you have in mind!

The playlist below is only suited for specific events and contains Various (Club) House Styles: 

If some tracks/styles might suit good with your event,
then you're very welcome to let me know :)

The playlist below can be an example for Pop Parties & Weddings
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